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With more than 25 years of real property litigation valuation experience, Grant W. Austin, M.S., MAI, CMRS provides exceptionally detailed bullet-proof reports and valuation testimony for a wide variety of issues including real property impairment or Just Compensation. 

Referrals are available from many of Florida's leading law firms.

As a testament to the efforts of the law firms we work with, our expert reports, analysis and  deposition testimony, +98.5% of all cases settle in favor of the client pre-trial.  Of the few cases that continue to trial, in concert with our legal team and other experts, the track record of success is virtually 100%.

The legal environment for construction damages, eminent domain and other complex real estate issues is very often best served by working  together as a unified team of predicate experts (land planners, general contractors, engineers, statisticians, architects, etc). The qualifications of a few of our independent experts are highlighted on the "Our Experts" pages.

If you have previously worked with the "typical" real property appraisal firm, you will come to appreciate a higher level of rigor.  As our referrals will tell you, with American Valuation you can expect a unique commitment to your case, exceeding your legal needs and expectations with the highest level of detail, clarity, professionalism, and credibility.

Grant W. Austin, M.S., MAI, CMRS has developed and taught university courses in real estate appraisal, authored peer-reviewed papers, edited international journals, lectured widely and has been a consultant to law firms and an expert witness in multiple courts.

  • Construction damages
  • Loss of use
  • Delay damages
  • Impaired marketability
  • Stigma damages
  • Cost to remediate
  • Market value
  • Effective trial exhibits
  • Assistance in development of direct and cross
  • USPAP reviews
  • Application of advanced valuation methods
  • Statistical inference and regression modeling
  • Standard of care testimony
  • Assist in preparation of interrogatories, discovery lists
  • Daubert challenges