Construction Defect Valuation

For 25+ years Mr. Austin has worked with over 400 property owners (including Walgreens, ExxonMobil, BellSouth) and their eminent domain attorneys to recover significantly more compensation than the Condemnor's first offer.

We are a leader in this complex valuation specialty, See the upcoming Florida Bar ActionLine publication (Fall 2017) and our paper "Real Estate Valuation in Construction Defects Litigation: Additional Roles for the Appraiser and New Valuation Methods."

Our team has helped hundreds of clients with complex valuation issues such as value damage due to leaking gas pipelines, proximity to an electric substation, impaired view or circuitous access, and diminution in property rights (e.g., Bert Harris cases).

Whether you are a property owner or an attorney seeking a real property valuation expert for your case, we have a long history of applying the appropriate valuation methods and conveying our opinions with simplicity, clarity and credibility.

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