Patricia M. Doney, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Marketing, University of North Carolina

at Chapel Hill

Professor, marketing and survey research expert.

Dr. Doney has developed real estate survey instruments to quantify property owner attitudes and value impacts for various detrimental influences.

Complete qusalifications/CV available upon request.

Matthew L. Reimer
President, Intracoastal Builders, Inc.

Certified General Contractor, State of Florida, CGC062894
Certified Pool Contractor, State of Florida, CGC1457185

Certified Solar Contractor, State of Florida, CVC56873

General Contractor (Limited Tier), State of Georgia, GCLT-QA000090

Certified Lead Renovator, US EPA

Matthew Reimer is the founder and President of Intracoastal Builders Corporation (est. 2001) which includes general contracting (including aquatic and solar) and exprt witness testimony.

Law firm clients include:

Birchfield & Hunphrey

Broad and Cassell

Boyer, Tanzler & Sussman

Fixel, McGuire & Willis

Forester, Isaas & Yerkes

Gray Robinson

Law Office of D. Mark Natirboff

Smith, hulsey & Busey

Complete Professional Qualifications available upon request.