litigation valuation experts

"Your competitive advantage

in real estate valuation litigation"

Only the very best expert in real estate valuation litigation

can easily negotiate the hurdles of a complex case and

perform as an independent and indispensable member of the litigation team.


Relevant to your next real estate litigation matter, key facts about Grant Austin (President of American Valuation, Inc.) are:


    1.  Highest rating in WCS scale for "credibility" as an expert witness


    2.  Consistently reported perceptions : "likeable, trustworthy

         and knowledgeable" - resulting in persuasive conclusions and opinions


    3.  Experienced in a wide variety of complex real estate litigation issues


    4.  Outstanding academic credentials as Professor of real estate

         estate valuation, graduate degree in real estate appraisal, 

        America's most respected real property appraisal designation, author

        and editor in peer-reviewed journals, and developer of university courses


    5.  Conveys complex valuation methods and analysis with

         simplicity and clarity.




Our services and expertise include:

  • impaired property appraisal
  • eminent domain valuation
  • construction litigation
  • loss of use
  • stigma damage
  • sustainability feasibility & valuation analysis
  • LEEDigation
  • contamination
  • appraisal review
  • rebuttal reports
  • forensic investigations
  • supply and demand analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • appraiser/salesperson/broker malpractice
  • procuring cause disputes
  • hedonic modeling
  • market rent disputes
  • billboard/ODA valuation
  • statistical analysis
  • professional standards, malpractice, standard-of-care disputes
  • USPAP violations
  • preparation of opposing expert deposition questions and cross
  • testimony and visual communication of complex valuation issues.
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Green Building litigation or LEEDigation projected to grow with the increase in sustainable buildings
Wide variety of litigation issues arise as a result of the construction process
Eminent Domain can involve complex valuation issues